Friday, January 13, 2012

Breakfast, lunch or dinner

I love breakfast foods, who doesn't? Sometimes with pesky work and trying to catch the bus to save gas money and save the world there just isn't time to make the delectable breakfast I had in mind. I always make it up to myself on days off. Sometimes I just can't wait that long. And really, when there are eggs and bacon involved, the meal is hearty enough for any time of day.
You may also know I am doing a gluten elimination diet to find out if I am intolerant. On the advice of my childhood friend Melissa, I am only eating naturally gluten free foods during this trial time. The reasoning behind this is that if you eliminate a food and then introduce all sorts of new foods you aren't used to, you aren't running a fair test. This method also has made the transition much easier because I am focusing on what I can have (a lot) and not getting distracted by strange new tastes and textures that don't exactly measure up to what they are replacing.
This recipe is so basic and already gluten free. On my friday this week (wednesday) I just couldn't wait until the next morning to make this, so I had it for dinner.
I had half a pack of corn tortillas in the freezer, left over from a casserole I made a few weeks ago. My first task was to gently break off three corn tortillas and defrost them. I am also big on one pot meals. Even though the house I live in now has a dishwasher, usually in my life that task falls on my own two hands. So, while I was preheating the skillet I just stuck the tortillas in it.
Next you will need to fry up one slice of bacon per tortilla.
While that is going on, spread half of each tortilla with a thin layer of refried beans, salsa and a sprinkle of cheese. This is a great thing, I am discovering that it was the gluten that was making my belly unhappy this whole time. That means dairy is now probably ok for me and I am not actually cheating by eating it! Microwave the tortillas and their toppings for 30 seconds.
Spread a thin layer of jalapeno jelly on the other half of the tortillas. This is a new discovery of mine since my friend Leo gave me some for christmas. It is like southwestern sweet chili sauce, a little sweet, a little spicy. Of course you could just use a dab of hot sauce.
By now your bacon should be done. I like to put it right into the tortillas so the grease soaks in.
Finally, fry however many eggs you want right in the bacon grease.
Wrap up your tortillas into tacos and you have a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner!

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