Wednesday, December 14, 2011


For as long as I have known my friend Audra she has made the best breakfast sandwiches of all time. The bacon egg and cheese. The bacon egg and cheese also has tomato and is packaged in an english muffin. The eggs are always over easy. If you do things right the yolk should run all over the plate like a poor womans hollandaise sauce. Audra makes these for special breakfasts. Sometimes to really make things classy she includes a nice cold can of cheap beer. Delicious.
I of course have fully embraced the bacon egg and cheese and have added several variations. The most common being the substitution of an everything bagel for the english muffin. Then one day while digging into the recesses of the fridge, I invented the BEAST, the ultimate breakfast sandwich. In fact I usually save it for lunch. What is a BEAST you might ask? It is:
On an everything bagel. The eggs again should be over easy. The bacon peppered if possible. Hot sauce is optional, I like to add a splash of tapatio to the egg just after I crack it into the pan. Don't expect to lap this up and run out the door. Stop off for a quick tooth brushing and face wash. If you have done things right you will have seeds from the bagel glued to your cheeks with egg yolk. Yum!

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